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Inside Llewyn Davis: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan interview — The Coen brothers’ blackly comic drama Inside Llewyn Davis follows a week in the life of struggling folk musician Llewyn (Oscar Isaac) in 1960s New York.

Digital Spy sat down with Isaac and Carey Mulligan, who co-stars as a fellow singer with whom Llewyn shares a complicated past, to discuss how they developed their characters with the Coens.

“I thought a lot about the comedy of resilience, and why that’s funny,” Isaac explained of Llewyn. “I thought of people like Buster Keaton who always has this impassive face, this slightly melancholic face, even though all this crazy stuff is happening around him.

“In our version, instead of buildings falling down or near-death experiences, it’s the music. That’s the major feat, and that’s your key into him.”

Isaac and Mulligan also discussed the cathartic tone of the songs in the film, which were performed by the cast and produced by T-Bone Burnett and Marcus Mumford, and the Coens’ deceptively “casual” approach to filmmaking.

Inside Llewyn Davis will be released in the UK on January 24.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards + After Party

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards + After Party

Oscar Isaac looked dapper in his black bow and suit at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 12th. Inside Llewyn Davis was nominated for Best Motion Picture and Oscar Isaac himself was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture for Inside Llewyn Davis. Unfortunately, Oscar or the cast of Inside Llewyn Davis didn’t leave with a Globe in their hands but he seemed to have had a great time! Congrats on the nomination Oscar! Following after the awards, Oscar Isaac attended the 2013 Weinstein and Netflix After Party. 31 photos of him have been added to our photo gallery. Check them out below!

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14th Annual AFI Awards + Celebrating Golden Globes

14th Annual AFI Awards + Celebrating Golden Globes

Oscar Isaac attended the 14th Annual on AFI Awards on January 10th. During the awards, Inside Llewyn Davis was chosen as one of AFI’s Top 10 Movies of the Year! Congrats to the crew on their accomplishment! On January 11th, Oscar joined to celebrate The Golden Globes with Anonymous Content and HBO. 24 high and medium quality photos have been added to our gallery. Take a look below!

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PHOTOS: Los Angeles Screening of Another Day, Another Time Concert

PHOTOS: Los Angeles Screening of Another Day, Another Time Concert

I meant to add these earlier, but Oscar Isaac attended a special screening in Los Angeles for Another Day, Another Time back in December 13th, 2013. 13 high quality photos have been added to our gallery. Check them out below!

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New York Film Critics Circle 2013 Awards Ceremony

Oscar Isaac attended the New York Film Critics Circle 2013 Awards Ceremony on January 6th, 2014. I’ve added 13 files of his arrival to the Awards and 6 on the Red Carpet. Check them out below!

“Inside Llewyn Davis,” Joel and Ethan Coen’s study of a struggling New York folk singer in 1961, was the big winner Saturday at the National Society of Film Critics. The film received four awards, including best film, actor for Oscar Isaac, director for the siblings and cinematography for Bruno Delbonnel.

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Oscar Isaac on ‘Inside Llewyn Davis,’ Working With the Coen Brothers, and Making Music — The latest film by the Coen Brothers, “Inside Llewyn Davis,” is a funny little flick. During their press tours for the film, the always-sardonic filmmakers have joked that the story is plotless, which is why they shoehorned a cat into the movie — to keep the audience happy.

Of course, this is another of their trademark defections from the depths of their own art; naturally, there’s a lot going on in this film, a deceptively simple tale of a hapless folksinger making his way during the early 1960s. The Greenwich Village setting, austere palate and wonderful and rich soundtrack hearken back to the kind of neighbourhood depicted on the cover of Bob Dylan’s “Freewheelin'” album. The character of Llewyn is based in part on a number of yeoman folkies, including the likes of Dave Van Ronk, the so-called Mayor of MacDougal Street.

Even more than any historical figure, it’s the film’s star Oscar Isaac that really brings the character to life, bringing both a sensitivity of performance and a deep musical understanding to the role. The casting is impeccable, and from the opening shots of the film where we hear him singing to a smoke-filled room, we’re absolutely transfixed in this man’s journey. Moviefone Canada spoke to Isaac soon after his Golden Globe nomination was announced, and delved into just what it’s like to be playing such a major part within the Coen’s world.

Moviefone Canada: For such a unique role I assume the casting process was reasonably taxing. Oscar Isaac: The casting process was pretty traditional. Ellen Chenoweth, the casting director, had a couple scenes and I did those. I had to record a song, and I did about 30 takes of the song. I sent in take 27.

Once cast, how much involvement you had in the way that the songs were performed on screen, the selection of songs? There were about two or three songs that were already specified in the script, but there were many that weren’t. I quickly fell in love with Dave Van Ronk’s music in particular, so I started learning a lot of his music. [Famed music supervisor] T-Bone [Burnett] and I got together and started playing music together. Sometimes I would go and just make an arrangement myself and bring it to T-Bone and he would change a few things, so it was a very collaborative process. The way the Coens work with T-Bone … they create a community. To be honest, people can’t really remember who came up with what. If you ask the Coens “who wrote this line?” they won’t remember. As soon as you give your idea you don’t own it anymore. It’s all the raw materials to build this thing, and I had an equal share in it.

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1-Hour Awards Season Roundtable With Oscar Isaac, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Harrison Ford & More

If you’ve already watched more “Judge Judy” than you can stomach, and ripped through all the TV seasons you got from Grandma for Christmas, here’s another way you can kill some holiday season time.

The Los Angeles Times have joined other the trades in compiling a seasonal batch of awards talks with various contenders as part of their Envelope Screening Series. And their chat with the actors and actresses in the running for prizes—Emma Thompson (“Saving Mr. Banks”), Forest Whitaker (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”), Oscar Isaac (“Inside Llewyn Davis”), Harrison Ford (“42”) and “12 Years A Slave” starsChiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong’o—has landed online. John Horn moderates the talk that covers the usual bases, but still, if you want to go keep with this group, it’s worth a spin. Check it out below. [via The Film Stage]

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