Update: Another Day, Another Time Concert – More Photos

I’ve added more high resolution photos of Oscar Isaac from the Another Day, Another Time Concert to our gallery. Check them out below!

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Oscar Isaac Screencaps in “10 Years”

I’ve added 807 HD screencaps of Oscar Isaac in 10 Years. Check them out below! Click on the thumbnails to redirect to our photo gallery.

Directed by Jamie Linden. With Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Chris Pratt, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Max Minghella, Kata Mara: The night before their high school reunion, a group of friends realize they still haven’t quite grown up in some ways.

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Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating The Music Of Inside Llewyn Davis Concert

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IndieWire.com — While most of the planet on Sunday night was tuned into AMC to watch the finale of “Breaking Bad,” music lovers in New York City set their DVRs and headed to The Town Hall for “Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating The Music Of ‘Inside Llewyn Davis.’ ” And they got a big musical treat.

Stars from the film including Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and Adam Driver, were joined by an array of musical talent such as Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello, The Avett Brothers, Joan Baez, Rhiannon Giddens of Carolina Chocolate Drops, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, Patti Smith, Gillian Welch and Jack White to perform songs from the film, and Bleeding Cool has dug up some footage which has landed online. Now, a caveat: the performances are great, particularly Mumford and Isaac performing the film’s theme “Fare Thee Well,” but the real surprise song of the movie is “Please Mr. Kennedy” which gets one of the biggest laughs in “Inside Llewyn Davis,” so you might want just wait until you can see it in the Coens’ film first.

Showtime will air the complete concert on Friday, December 13th at 9 PM. “Inside Llewyn Davis” opens on December 6th!

HuffingtonPost.com — Check out the full “Another Night, Another Time” set list below:

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2013 Inside Llewyn Davis Premiere

I’ve added 28 photos of Oscar Isaac at the Premiere of Inside Llewyn Davis on September 28th. He looked dashing! Check them out below!

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Oscar Isaac Was Once Hospitalized for a Cat Bite

Vulture.com — Throughout much of the new Coen brothers’ film, Inside Llewyn Davis, Oscar Isaac’s character is carrying a cat. Ordinarily, working so closely with an animal wouldn’t be a problem for the actor — but Isaac had good reason to be wary of even the most adorable of kitties:

Just before the shoot, he was attacked by one named Oswald. “I was living in New Jersey, and I was reading a book on my porch there,” Isaac told us at the movie’s premiere at the New York Film Festival. “And [Oswald] came up to me … he was the sweetest little cat, and he started rubbing on me and purring. And then at one point, he just bit my hand, out of nowhere! I walked away and I went to sleep, and I woke up the next morning, and I had a red line going all the way up my arm.”

Turned out an infection had reached his blood stream; he had to be hospitalized for three days. “They were pumping me with antibiotics, because it got in my lymphatic system,” he said. So when he showed up to the Llewyn set and learned he’d have a cat actor tied to him at almost all times, he wasn’t totally thrilled. “But it was for the Coens, so I was like, ‘I’ll do it. That’s okay.'”

HD Screencaps of Oscar Isaac in Robin Hood

I’ve added 439 HD screencaps of Oscar Isaac in Robin Hood to our gallery. Be sure to check them out and enjoy!

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If you haven’t yet seen the movie here’s the summary of it. You can also check out the official IMDb page for more information on it!

Birth of a legend. Following King Richard’s death in France, archer Robin Longstride, along with Will Scarlett, Alan-a-Dale and Little John, returns to England. They encounter the dying Robert of Locksley, whose party was ambushed by treacherous Godfrey, who hopes to facilitate a French invasion of England. Robin promises the dying knight he will return his sword to his father Walter in Nottingham. Here Walter encourages him to impersonate the dead man to prevent his land being confiscated by the crown, and he finds himself with Marian, a ready-made wife. Hoping to stir baronial opposition to weak King John and allow an easy French take-over, Godfrey worms his way into the king’s service as Earl Marshal of England and brutally invades towns under the pretext of collecting Royal taxes. Can Robin navigate the politics of barons, royals, traitors, and the French?

Oscar Isaac Talks ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ at Telluride

Oscar Isaac talks auditioning for “Inside Llewyn Davis”, music, learning a new guitar picking and more at Telluride.

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